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Writing Week 3 - Review

Note to Parents: Feel free to use the posters below to help your child remember the different concepts that we have been using in our Nonfiction Chapter Books Unit

How to Write a Teaching Book

How Can I Teach My Readers

Ways to Spell Words

There are some great research websites through the LearnAlberta Online Resource Center: https://www.learnalberta.ca/OnlineReferenceCentre.aspx?lang=en

It does require you to log-in, so if you would like to use this resource, message your child's teacher for the username and password. We would recommend the following websites for non-fiction research: 

  • Bookflix
  • National Geographic Kids Virtual Library
  • PebbleGo Science, PebbleGO Social Studies, PebbleGO Animals (K-3)
  • PowerKnowledge - Earth and Space Science, Life Science, Physical Science (G1-6)
  • TrueFlix (recommended for G3-6, but can be a good resource for G1 as well)
  • World Book: Early World of Learning

Writing Week 4

For today's lesson, you will need a few materials:

  • 2 different colours of sticky notes (only 3-4 sticky notes of each colour)
    • OR 2 different colours of paper with scissors and tape
  • 1 cue card or piece of white paper
  • a finished, or almost finished piece of writing
  • the writing checklists from the packet so that you can pause the video to look at it
    • Note: the checklist included in your child's package is slightly different than the ones used in the video. If you would like to work with the ones referenced in the video, please click here Writing Checklists

Writing Week 1

There is a booklet of new writing paper in your paper package, but if that is not enough, feel free to use paper that you have at home, or print more using the link below.

Paper Choice

Hint for Parents

If your child is having trouble coming up with a topic:

  • Do not help come up with a topic. Find strategies to help generate own ideas (brainstorm things they do throughout the day)
  • Have student turn to another family member and ask “What am I good at?”

Writing Week 2