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Lesson 6: Lost Sheep

Lesson 7: Going Home

Optional additional video: 

Lesson 8: God Sends Help

Lesson 9: New Way to See

Lesson 1: Jesus Rides into Jerusalem

Sanctus Music Activity

  1. Listen carefully to the first one and wave your palm branch when you hear the choir sing 'Hosanna'! (You don't have to listen to the whole thing)

2. Listen to a contemporary English version of the same song. You can wave your palm branch for the 'Hosanna' parts again!

3. We have practiced this song which is similar to the Sanctus chorus once in class, so you can sing it at home if you want! (The actual song starts at 0:16 and goes until 1:33)

Read Aloud

Lesson 4: The Sun Stops Shining

Optional: Easter Movie from Beginner's Bible